All systems are operational
Maintenance on managed Invoice Ninja servers

Until the end of this month (February 2024) we plan to upgrade all managed Invoice Ninja servers to the current version 5.8.24. We're currently running internal QA tests with this version. If all tests are successful, all managed Invoice Ninja servers will be upgraded to the same version.

Update: Our internal QA testings were all successful. We plan to rollout the new Invoice Ninja version on the weekend of February 17th+18th 2024.

Update: All managed Invoice Ninja servers have been upgraded.

Past Incidents

19th February 2024

Network Routing issues with Wingo customers

Customers using the Internet services from Swisscom/Wingo might experience connectivity problems to our services in CH1. The cause is a routing issue between our datacenter and Swisscom.

  • The routing issue between Wingo customers and our primary datacenter CH1 has been resolved.

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