All systems are operational
Maintenance on managed Invoice Ninja servers

In week 7 2023 (February 13 - February 19) we will upgrade all managed Invoice Ninja servers to Invoice Ninja v 5.5.70. This also involves a PHP version upgrade on certain installations. The Invoice Ninja update therefore takes longer than usual. During the update, Invoice Ninja will be partly unavailable during ~30 minutes.

Past Incidents

20th March 2023

Virtual server infrastructure Central Backup temporarily disabled

Due to a hardware defect on the central backup server the daily incremental backups are temporarily disabled. We are currently awaiting the replacement parts. Until the defective hardware is replaced, no daily backups are copied to the central backup server.

  • The defective hardware was replaced. Backups are enabled again.

  • 16th March 2023

    Virtual server infrastructure Degraded Performance on virtual server infrastructure

    We are seeing degraded performance on one particular server. We are preparing an additional server to increase performance for the virtual server environment. Customer servers will be migrated within the day to the new server.

  • During virtual server migrations performance issues or partial downtimes for servers in migration are possible.

  • Virtual servers have been migrated to another physical host. Performance is back to normal.

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